A Six Word Story: The Joy of Having Short Term Memory

My goal of the project was to create a short animation based on a 6-word story. For instance, one famous 6-word story is "For sale: baby shoes. Never worn", commonly attributed to Ernest Hemingway. While searching for 6-word stories, I came across "Alzheimer's advantage: new friends everyday", which I found a bit dark but chose it to raise awareness of the disease.

I didn't want my animation to be overly informative, so I selected a chinchilla as the main character, without any direct association to Alzheimer's. However, I researched and discovered that the color purple, elephants, and owls are symbols of awareness for Alzheimer's, and incorporated them as supporting characters and backgrounds.

The animation's brief story follows the 6-word story, using metaphors and symbols in the scenes such as the purple island, river, forest, and animals. In the animation, the chinchilla visits each island but quickly forgets, repeating the greeting every time they arrive at an island they have already visited.


Styleframes / Visual Development
Monday Oct 2 2023