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Stop Motion 

#1 - Dancing Cubes

#2 Slide is Fun for Adults too

Response to the Readings

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

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The Surprise and Wonder of Early Animation

I believe that animation is an important and fantastic way to tell a story. It gives people to have the experience of communicating
emotions and ideas. Especially the early animations provide a strange satisfaction for me by watching them even though numerous animations pleased people's eyes with advanced graphics and visuals. Some of the earlier animations I watched and enjoyed are "Cinderella" and "Popeye and Berry Boop" series that the writer mentioned in the article.
Since I majored in motion graphics as an undergrad, I could relate to the pain of processing cell animation but also the fulfillment and pleasure of watching the final animation. I also agree that learning about the early animations and cartoons is essential since they represent financial success and show a significant part in one of the storytelling methods.