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Self Portrait Using 2D Primitive Shapes

Although I’m living in NYC for almost 7 years now, I always see myself as a stranger or an outsider living in NYC as an internationcal student, so I portrayed myself as an alien traveling in the space. I felt symmetric shapes are easier for me to create a visual graphic on the webpage as a beginner, so I mostly used circles to create my portrait.





Week 1 Blog Post - How computation applies to my interests

I personally enjoy creating motion graphics and animations as well as making visual designs since I have majored in graphic design in my undersgrad and my concentration was motion design. I also worked as a graphic designer at the indie comicbook company based in New York for few years, so creating art and design are the most part of my life now. 

In my opinion, understaning the generative process and workflow of computation can build a strong ideas for people. So, in this semester, I want to try to accomplish a project that is something leads me to understand a computer system using visual designs that people see and use every day. And throughout the project, I want to learn how to apply computational skills to create innovative products and designs.

I’ve had an experience of using p5js before in my sophomore year at SVA. But, mostly forgot everything now..so it was learning a different language again for me. I was having trouble getting used to the terms and rules of coding and creating visuals with the new language. 


How to calculate the exact spot if you want to make symmetrical shapes on both sides. The fingers on my sketch won’t look identical to each other with my calculation..


Codes for the left hand

fill(2, 200, 150);
ellipse(200, 400, 60);
stroke(2, 200, 150);
line(180, 340, 200, 400);
fill(2, 200, 150);
line(230, 340, 200, 400);

Codes for the right hand

fill(2, 200, 150);
ellipse(400, 400, 60);
stroke(2, 200, 150);
line(420, 340, 400, 400);
fill(2, 200, 150);
line(370, 340, 400, 400);