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Sound - Part 2



Nintendo is one of the game companies that makes excellent background music and sound effects for their games and content. From the childhood memory intro song on Zelda followed by the instant classic Mario Odyssey's Pauline song and now Super Smash Bros Lifelight song. And also my favorite game Animal Crossing :).. Sophie and I decided to combine all the little pieces of songs and sound effects from the Nintendo games and make harmony out of them. After all, I believe they went pretty well together in the end since the characteristics of the sounds are similar to each other. Still, at the same time, it also reminds me of an apocalyptic game world where everything is falling off instead of nostalgia, probably because there wasn't much time for me to play video games in my childhood as I do now.

︎Three Words to Describe the Project︎

- Flashgame
- Kitsch
- Tacky

︎Main BG Music︎