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What is Your Mood Today?
Use Conditional Statements to Control the Flow of Your Programs.

Sarah and I were paired to do this project with using the conditional statements. We first thought of making a game and listed the games that would be simple, but interactive. Then, we realized most of the games are already made by someone else using p5js and more advantageously done by them.

Then we decided to use the boolean variables from the previous class. The idea was whenever users hover over their mouse in the X direction, the color of the face changes according to the mood section.

︎Demo 1︎


Here’s the first demo of the project. We focused on the simple designs and wanted to see if the codes we worked on really worked. Sarah coded the true or false statements with the color change of the circles. Then I applied the circles and texts using ‘random’ for the background and the last mood of the circle.

︎Demo 2︎

The second demo didn’t work with the hovering motion, so I had to try A LOT of times to figure out what in my coding went wrong...Then got a help from Sarah to figure out.