Passcode with Virtual Objects

Overview of the porject

Explore the concept of virtual objects as a passcode to sign in to an ATM account and make the users feel secure about their account in the space. It also offers users an alternative method for setting their passcodes, which is moving away from the traditional use of keyboards from flat screens.

Goals of the project:

Users will be informed about the rules in place to ensure a secure and respectful virtual environment. In this virtual environment, they will be informed to have enough space to move their arms and hands. 

  • Ensuring transparent consent communication for users
  • Providing behavioral expectations


Players will set their own passcode for their virtual ATM account. They will be able to set a passcode by stacking the three objects along the Y-axis. After three incorrect attempts, the account will be locked for security. Also, integers ensure that an object snaps into the exact position the user sets, avoiding confusion from decimal numbers in future attempts and providing a flexible range within these integer values.


Create a VR interface that is intuitive and user-friendly, which allows players to effortlessly access fundamental functions in the space, such as setting and resetting passcodes using provided virtual objects with instructions beforehand. 


  • Use natural tones and avoid clear of white or vivid colors
  • Create clear interface for players and make them feel pleasured by aesthetic
  • Follow fundamental graphic design and simplify the interactions and design for reducing eye strain and cognitive load


Allowing players to make their own passcode before entering in the safe space is the initial step of creating a personal user identity in the project. Users will able to make a unique choice of y coordinates of the objects that reflects their individual preferences for security in the virtual space. 

   User Flow

   User Interface & Demo

Monday Oct 2 2023