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Playful Communications with Serious Research

What goes into Designing a Project for Exhibitions?
- Physical Interface (touchscreen, joystick, etc)
- Physical presence/form (sizes, sight lines, etc)
- User journey
- timeline of experience, user testing
- Materials
- Digital interface
- Accessibilities

Programming Considerations
- Code architecture
- Choice of language/tech
- Compatibility (what is it running on?)
- Hardware integration
- Failsafe & edge cases
- Version controls
- Setting up computers to start an app with a startup

Fabrication Considerations
- List of materials/cost
- Endurance/safety
- List of tools/enclosure design
- Mounting? Stands or on walls? Power and internet requirements

Meeting with Researchers
- What questions do you have? What would they like to tell the public?
- What would you like them to do?
- Anything you weren’t thinking of? (Might find a different topic that is interesting)