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Bosung Kim, Eric Cheng and An-Kai Cheng

UX research, UI design, prototype and project management

Feb-April 2023


For this project, we collaborated with Dr. Paola Cerrito, she focuses on the understanding of life history evolution within the genus Homo and on the evolution of menopause. 

Her research  “Parturitions, menopause and other physiological stressors are recorded in dental cementum microstructure” explains that by observing and looking at the peeled tooth layers or “tooth rings” can find evidence of medical history, biological history, and serious personal events in an individual’s life.

Research & Ideation

We started by incorporating key ideas of her research: in nature, many things undergo layering as a result of an accumulation over time. This dynamic growth appears in different living creatures, providing insight into their history and undergoing layering due to an accumulation over time. Teeth are not classified as bones but are considered as dynamic skeletons and living organs that respond to the environment and continue to change throughout one's life. As a result, teeth serve as a biological archive of an individual's life experiences, and this record looks the same across all individuals.

Moreover, teeth from various species, including humans, have the ability to preserve information or evidence over time, similar to an archival process. This means that teeth can retain clues or information about a person or animal's health, diet, and environment, which can be studied and analyzed by scientists and researchers to gain insights into the past.

We decided to develop an interactive experience that allows individuals to express their emotions and stories through a physical sculpture and an accompanying projection. This experience will provide users with an understanding of how layers of cementum build up over time. It facilitates the exchange of personal narratives among participants and also conveys key aspects of Dr. Cerrito's research.

Project Schedule & Tasks

User Flow


System Diagrams and Hardware Plans

System Diagrams & Hardware


IPad Interface Design

Physical Installation Development

Testing Kinect Sensor & Data Sending to Website

Exhibition Poster Design

Exhibition Day

Monday Oct 2 2023